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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

X Factor Winner And Girls Aloud Up For Best Single At The Brit Awards

X Factor

X Factor winner Alexandra Burke and his mentor Cheryl Cole group Girls Aloud are going head to head in the battle to win Best British Single at the British. Both face an uphill battle even if, as some of the best British groups are represented in the nominations..

Will Kristen Bell Party Down

Party Down

Party Down is a play on the next Starz Veronica Mar from creator Rob Thomas, and two of his former colleagues of Veronica, John Enbom And Dan Etheridge. Memorable moments included Henry (Adam Scott) complained that the combination of his white dress shirt and pink bow tie, saying sarcastically that he was being useful for gay pirate look, to which Casey (Lizzy Caplan) assures him, Do not t help look and Ron (Ken Marino) trying to wipe a spot of his pants, only to watch them was trying to rub something different when he seen from Kyle (Ryan Hansen). At ACT Television Critics Association press tour today, clips were shown, revealing some very funny scenes involving the main characters, a group of restaurants in Los Angeles with dreams of making it in Hollywood.

Kristen Stewart So Glad Taylor Lautner Quot Back For Twilight Sequel


Lautner, 16, was worried he wouldn t be rehired, because his character, Jacob Black, is completely different in New Moon: He sa feet high and is supposed to look 25.. Twilight supporters Taylor Lautner are pleased to have been rehired for the film sequel - and so is lead actress Kristen Stewart. Im So Glad They Didnt Have To Find Somebody Else tells MTV NewsI Didnt Understand All The Deliberation On See photos from Twilight before.

Q Amp A Samuel L Jackson


When the Afro Samurai anime first aired on Spike TV in 2007, was unlike anything else on American TV. Although its mix of swordplay and cyberpunk was explored in Samurai 7 (which, incidentally, was produced by Gonzo, the same house as Afro Japanese animation), and the combination of feudal Japan and hip-hop had fueled Samurai Champloo, none of them had afro secret weapon: Samuel L Jackson not only the star of Pulp Fiction and the Star Wars prequels to the voice of the contractor and his character Sidekick, Ninja Ninja, Jackson, but also co-produced the animated series.

Kelly Osbourne In Rehab Again

Kelly Osbourne

The journalist had insulted her boyfriend of Smarts. Contact Music reports that this time the young singer, daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, is believed to be in a treatment center in Oregon. ) This week is in rehab. Last week was arrested for Kelly Osbourne jack-slapping a journalist back in the autumn. Let hope is the third time a charm. And repentance? This is a trick to get out of jail free when you visit the po-po in March? Once again Kelly Osbourne in Rehab Date: 24 January 2009 Newberg, OR United States Of America According to the mother, Sharon Osbourne, Kelly admitted she rehabilitation. The Osbourne parents appear to have the attitude that these types of problems are common to all kids. This is Kelly Osbourne third time in rehab. I m not denying the children in our country have a problem with drugs and alcohol, but the degree to which Kelly was soaked in pills and libations is over-the-top. (He did not know what caused an earthquake.